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Fusion Testing


NTRK Gene Fusion Testing

NTRK gene fusions are an important actionable alteration found in multiple tumour types.1,2 It is recommended to test for NTRK gene fusions in advanced solid tumours.3 Bayer continues to support testing for clinicians to determine whether their patients’ cancer has an NTRK gene fusion. 

The presence of TRK fusion proteins has been associated with more aggressive cancer in some tumour types, highlighting an unmet medical need among TRK fusion cancer patients. While NTRK gene fusions were one of the first oncogenes identified, they are not routinely tested for and/or included on all test platforms. TRK fusion cancers can be detected through a number of testing methodologies; however, only sensitive and specific tests can reliably detect NTRK gene fusions.1,4-6

Testing for NTRK gene fusions is essential to identify patients who harbour these genomic alterations3

Learn how to access NTRK gene fusion testing for your patients

Bayer’s FastTRK Complimentary Testing Program has changed as of April 1st, 2023. For eligible patients, FastTRK will offer Pan-TRK Immunohistochemistry (IHC) followed by NTRK1/NTRK2/NTRK3 gene fusion test by NGS if IHC is positive. Availability varies based on your region. Select ‘Request Testing’ to learn more about what’s available.


NTRK = neurotrophic tyrosine receptor kinase; TRK = tropomyosin receptor kinase; NGS = next-generation sequencing.

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The FastTRK Complimentary Testing Program may be updated over time. Make sure you visit this site to check for updates.