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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

    1) How do I access FastTRK and which requisition form do I use? 

    A) FastTRK is available in select regions. Testing options for NTRK gene fusions vary with region. If you don’t see your hospital name, email to learn about available options for you. To find out about available options for your region:


    B) If you have a requisition form available for your region, please download the form and ensure that the patient eligibility section is completed. 

    C) Coordinate with your local pathology department to ship a copy of the completed requisition form and required patient sample to the testing lab. Please refer to sample details section for more information. 

    D) Shipping costs associated with mailing samples to and from originating hospital to centralized testing labs is covered under the  FastTRK Complimentary Testing Program. Please review the shipping details section as outlined on the requisition form. 

    E) Turn-around time for the testing report will be anywhere from 2–15 business days depending on the test (IHC or NGS) and the outcome of the test(s). 

    1) How do I work with the pathology department to get the patient sample? Does the FastTRK Complimentary Testing Program help to coordinate this? 


    The FastTRK testing labs will not perform any coordination to procure the samples from the requesting institutions. You must coordinate the collection of the specimen with your pathology department. If the patient’s specimen is at another hospital, the requesting physician should coordinate with the pathology department at that hospital to complete the form, send it to that hospital (fax/email – as per privacy requirements for those institutions). The pathology department at the indicated hospital should include a copy of the completed requisition form with the patient sample prior to shipping to the service lab for testing.


    2) Who covers the shipping costs of tumour sample?


    The shipping costs for sending the patient sample to and from a FastTRK lab will be covered by Bayer. Both the shipping information and courier account number are available on your requisition form. This account number must not be used for anything other than sending samples for the purposes of the FastTRK Complimentary Testing Program.


    3) How long does it take to get the patient sample returned from the FastTRK lab?


    Patient samples will be returned by the FastTRK laboratory immediately after the testing is complete. Samples will be returned by overnight courier.

    1) What if my patient is diagnosed with an NTRK gene fusion? 

    If you require additional medical information, Bayer Medical Affairs can be in contact with the clinician regarding additional medical information. Please contact For efficient communication, please ensure your e-mail address and phone number are accurately documented on the requisition form.

    1) Is it possible to set up NTRK gene fusion testing at my institution?

    If you are interested in setting up NTRK gene fusion testing at your institution, Bayer has worked with and supported centres across the country to implement NTRK gene fusion testing. We would be happy to discuss program options with you. To get started, please email us at

    1) What if I have other questions?

    Please review the requisition form for further information including details on shipping, sample preparation, patient eligibility criteria, technical specifications of the tests, etc. For any other inquiries, Health Care Practitioners are welcome to email to be in touch with a representative from Bayer Medical Affairs.

    NTRK = neurotrophic tyrosine receptor kinase; IHC = immunohistochemistry; NGS = next-generation sequencing.

    The FastTRK Complimentary Testing Program may be updated over time. Make sure you visit this site to check for updates.