Access NTRK gene fusion testing

    How do I access testing for my patients?

    Click here to download the appropriate requisition form based on where your hospital is located. Alternatively, email to request the requisition form.

    Once you have downloaded the form:

    • 1 Please ensure that the patient eligibility and consent sections are completed.
    • 2 Send samples along with the requisition according to the instructions on the form.
    • 3 Note that turn-around time for the testing report will be anywhere from 2–15 business days depending on the outcome of the test(s).

    Which centres will do the NTRK testing in Canada for Fast TRK?

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    Currently, Bayer Canada has partnered with LifeLabs and the Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) to provide NTRK gene fusion testing services for Canadians.

    The Fast TRK program will be supported at least until the end of 2021.

    Which tests are used to identify an NTRK gene fusion?

    Solid tumour patient samples (in the form of a solid tumour block, or prepared slides) that meet certain patient eligibility criteria may be initially screened by immunohistochemistry (IHC) for TRK protein followed by next generation sequencing (NGS), when appropriate, to confirm the NTRK gene fusion.